Sperm Let Out


The normal male dog attains puberty at approximately 6 – 8 months of age. Sexual maturity is generally attained at 18 – 30 months. Males may successfully breed bitches prior to sexual maturity but they will not achieve maximal fertility or daily sperm output until mature.


Sperm is taken manually from the male, also known as a stud dog. The semen is either inspected using a microscope or used in artificial Insemination without the need or hassle of natural breeding. There are many important countless reasons why artificial Insemination might be used. Perhaps the male or bitch has behaviour, aggression or medical issues that make natural breeding problematic. If a dog does a tie, the risk factors are higher than the male or female.


The semen is taken from the male either for an Artificial Insemination/Sperm analysis or for release of tension.

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