Cytology is done on female dogs at various stages of the ovulation period to help determine the optimum time to breed and improve pregnancy success. This is because the type of cells present in the vagina is different depending on the stage of pregnancy. A swab is taken of the cell lining from the vaginal wall. We can use the results to predict the precise time to do breeding.

Why use Cytology

Vaginal cytology can help to determine the date at which your dog will ovulate, so you can inseminate your dog at the optimum time and increase the chance of obtaining a pregnancy. The rise in estrogen happens during pro-estrus and drops prior to the LH surge. The cells within the vaginal tract cornify because of the estrogen levels increasing and this can be seen by performing a vaginal smear


Depending on the bitch, A bitch can go into ovulation anytime for up to 14 days unless, the bitch has had a split season. Small dogs tend to come into ovulation period earlier than bigger dogs and the opposite for larger dogs.

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We are qualified to do cytology with the customer’s permission. There is no harm caused to the dog while we do the procedures

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