Progesterone Testing is important because there are multiple hormones involved in the regulation of the estrus (heat) cycle and identification of the timing of ovulation is vital to maximising fertility, and pregnancy.

If a dog’s previous heat cycle pattern is known then our progesterone test can be carried out 3 to 5 days into the heat cycle.


A quantitative progesterone blood test is the single most accurate method for timing breedings. The test is reported as a numeric result, usually ng/dl. Combined with observing the behaviour of the dog and bitch, vaginal cytology, ovulation can be pinpointed with great accuracy in most bitches.


This method of deciding when to mate should improve our pregnancy rates from around 70% to 95%. This represents a huge saving in lost time of empty bitches and generally maximising litter size as well.


A swab is taken of the cells lining the vagina and analyzed under a microscope. Usually more than one swab is required to determine the optimum time to breed. Progesterone levels and luteinizing hormone (LH) levels are the best indicators of when ovulation will take place and when the best time to breed this is is also done through a blood test.


In general, we would recommend that you start testing progesterone levels between day three, five and seven after the start of pro-oestrus (vulval bleeding and swelling), and repeat the test every two or three days depending on the result.

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K9 CLINICS are licensed to do Progesterone blood/plasma test on the dog, with the owner’s consent.

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