Artificial Insemination for Dogs

Let the fertility uncertainty of your dogs end here by taking the awe-inspiring service of artificial insemination for dogs at K9 Clinics. No need to physically come close to a dog and a bitch because we can make it possible on our own. Collecting semen from a stud dog and inserting it into the vagina or uterus of a bitch, this process has to be done. Although it seems simple, trust us, it’s not so simple. Only experts can do this, so approach us today.

See the Overview (Artificial Insemination for Dogs)

Artificial insemination for dogs or AI, is a probing technique particularly used to help dogs for conceiving without the involvement of a natural mating between male and female dogs. In this process, semen is inserted through the cervix into the uterus, cervix, or fallopian tubes of the bitch by using an endoscope (tube). Thus, the cervix can be seen and is easy for inserting a catheter.

When the placing of sperm is done in the uterus, this is called intrauterine insemination. The overall procedure is known as transcervical insemination and can be done while a dog is standing up.


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Artificial Fertility that You Can Trust

At K9 Clinics, you will get a reliable service of artificial insemination for dogs because it can provide you numerous benefits with respect to breeding for both in canines and other species. Such as;

A Pregnant dog. Artificial Insemination for Dogs

Stages that Need to Pass

Artificial insemination is a process which is carried out bys;

Semen Preparation & Analysis

Firstly, semen has to be prepared. It depends on the fresh, chilled, or frozen semen and let them normal at room temperature. After that, semen analysis is done whether there is enough sperm count or not. Once the semen is successfully passed all the steps. It’s ready to integrate into the female track.

Sperm Insemination into Bitch

A female dog, after passing the progesterone test, has to stand up from its back legs because it increases the chances of the sperm reaching the ovaries. With the help of an endoscope, semen is injected into the uterus or cervix of the female via vagina.

It’s Time to Breed, It’s Time to AI

Female needs to take a full two days of 24 hours for ovulation. For this progesterone testing will confirm whether she is ready to whelp or not. As the test shows green signal, the AI procedure is done.

Our Expert Team

At K9 Clinics, we have certified and well-trained vets and breeders, who are qualified to do artificial insemination for dogs. We get consent from customers before the procedures.

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