Artificial insemination is proven to be the most reliable and effective means of securing a pregnancy in a bitch. There is no reason why any dogs cannot breed naturally, however the benefits of artificial insemination are considerable.

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Semen is inserted through the cervix into the uterus by using an endoscope (tube) – allowing to see the cervix and insert a catheter. This is known as transcervical insemination, and can be done while a dog is standing up.


Artificial insemination can provide many benefits to breeding both in canines and other species. It allows the use of semen from stud dogs around the world without the requirement to transport the dogs, thereby opening up the possibilities of genetic diversity within a breed. It also has a 85% rate of pregnancy, it decreases the chances of transmitted diseases as well as decrease the chance of the male and female getting harmed during a lock in.


Take out the sperm from the male, in which then you make sure it is kept at room temperature. You then inseminate the sperm into the female. You will then hold the dog up from it back legs up to increase the chances of the sperm reaching the ovaries.


This is done, when the female is ready. Females only have 2 full, 24 hour days to ovulate in which the Progesterone test will inform you whether she is ready or not.


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