Temporary Dog Stay and Dog Day Care.

Have an emergency and no time for your furrow friends? Our temporary dog stay and dog day care service is open 24 hrs for you, just at K9 Clinics. Don’t let your pups hungered, bored, and uncared for alone at home. Get our assistance for temporary and emergency dog stay as well as dog day care in any situation. Have you concerned about it? You can visit us before dropping off your dogs here and get yourself satisfied by our facilities or may sort further queries (if any).    

See the Overview

Life is really unpredictable, emergencies can happen at any time. But the right and wise decisions make the challenges easy, like taking a good alternative of home for your faithful pets in such conditions. For this, you’ll find K9 as the best suitable place for your dogs across London. 

We are available 24/7 with temporary dog stay, where you can leave your pets temporarily without any hassle. Our canine clinic is well-equipped with a built-in atmosphere and best dog food and accessories. So, drop your pet and just forget, until you come back.

Get the Perks for Your Pets

By the way, you have to bring your dog dietary food and some required accessories, like toys, bedding, etc. In any case, if your dogs have no as such a dietary plan or other essentials, we can provide them all. But for this, you have to charge £10 per day additionally.  

We care for the dogs’ health and fitness and will walk them once a day. Moreover, we let them play on their own or with fellow dogs providing them a peaceful environment for recreation. But it all happens with the consent of the dog owners. 

You may get surprised to know that we are offering this dog temporary stay, even for aggressive and anxious dogs as well. So, no need to be worried about your dog’s mood swings. Let us handle them with proper care and affection. 

Feel A New Dogmatic Experience at K9

K9 Clinics is not just a spot for successful breeding and grooming of dogs, it’s also well-known for its 24/7 safe and secure atmosphere for guest dogs too. So, if you need to drop off your dogs here, you can make sure that they will live in the premise;

So, what are you thinking of? Instead of panicking in any emergency situation, step forward and leave your pet in the safe hands of K9 Clinics. You will surely be satisfied with our temporary dog stay and dog day care