Dog Boarding in London

You’re going out, but your pooch is alone? Just forget this misery and switch to K9 Clinics because here, we offer a secured dog boarding service where dogs are cared for and looked after while their owners are away. Whether you’re in an emergency, fall ill, or have to travel out, we can cater to any of the reasons and don’t let you leave your dogs behind alone.

See the Overview

Dog boarding is a service that offers temporary dog care or leaving a dog for a short period of time. The dog owners drop off their dogs to the service provider at a designated location, and dogs stay there for a few days or a few weeks, or any set period of time.

While in boarding, pets receive basic care such as feeding, exercise, and sometimes even medical attention if necessary. Overall they feel more about their home because sometimes new dog owners are not much aware of caring for dogs according to their breed, and when they leave their home, there is a question mark for their pet care.

In this case, boarding can be a great option for dog owners who are travelling or unable to care for their dogs temporarily due to other commitments.


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Treat Your Dog Like Royalty with K9 Clinics

When you are all set to move out (regardless of any purpose), instead of leaving your puppies alone behind you, search for a ‘dog boarding near me.’ You will surely find K9 Clinics in the top search; now you’ve to decide whether you’ve to choose us or not. So, let us solve this query and see the perks that we offer for your dogs.

Professional Care

When you leave your dog in our facility, we make sure that your dog is receiving professional care from experienced staff who are trained to handle dogs of all sizes, breeds, and temperaments. This ensures that your dog is well taken care of and is safe while you are away.

Dog Boarding at K9 Clinics


Dogs are social animals and enjoy the company of other dogs. Our facility provides opportunities for dogs to socialise with other dogs, which can help to improve their social skills and prevent boredom and loneliness. That’s enough for an introverted dog to be an extrovert. Right?


K9 Clinics have secure play areas where dogs can run and play, providing them with much-needed exercise and stimulation. Our healthy canine exercises boost your pups’ muscles and let them fit for more survival and, of course, for successful breeding.

Peace of Mind

When you leave your dog in our facility, you can have peace of mind knowing that your dog is being well taken care of. As we’re ranked in the world-class kennels, so you don’t have to worry about finding someone to take care of your dog while you are away.

Medical Care

Like younger kids, most early-age pets fall into health issues when their loved ones are not with them. K9 Clinics have trained staff who can administer medications and provide medical care to your dog if necessary, which can be important for dogs with medical conditions.


If you’re annoyed with the rigorous boarding service, or do you have to find difficulty during the process? At K9 Clinics, you will not surely get any distress because we are conveniently located, making drop-off and pick-up of your dog easy and hassle-free.

So overall, dog boarding can be a great option for dog owners who need to be away from their pets for a short period of time and want to ensure that their dogs are safe, healthy, and happy while they are away. Because we treat your puppy with gentle and loving care. After all, we are also friends of your furry friend.

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