Dog Reverse Progesterone Testing

Are you not sure about the due date of your dog’s delivery? Dog reverse progesterone testing can let you know as it’s necessary to see when the dam will likely whelp. It doesn’t only help in determining the optimal time for breeding; rather, it also monitors the pregnancy stages. So Increase the chances of a successful pregnancy by performing this test for your dogs at K9 Clinics, where authenticity is a priority.

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Reverse Progesterone is basically a test to measure the progesterone level just like the regular progesterone level, but the main difference is timing. This is done at the end of the progesterone cycle, while the normal one is tested at the beginning. Progesterone levels begin to rise after ovulation and are maintained throughout pregnancy. As the due date comes close, this level eventually drops down. By monitoring these levels, breeders can predict the optimal time for whelping.


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Is it really needed for Reverse Progesterone?

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Normal Progesterone Level

The progesterone levels need to be below 10 NMOL or less to be able to give birth or to do a cesarean.

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Dog Reverse Progesterone Testing​ at K9 Clinics in London
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