Dog Semen Analysis in London

At K9 Clinics, dog semen analysis is particularly done with around 12 months old and onwards stud dogs. In this process, we collect semen and check the overall mobility of sperms to ensure they are absolutely motile and have a tendency to move toward an egg. In addition, we analyse sperm count and inspect the morphology (means form and structure) of the sperm cells.

Get the Overview (Dog Semen Analysis)

In order to corroborate whether a dog is potentially fertile or not, dog semen analysis plays a vital role in that. From collection to evaluation, every step is crucial. A semen collection should be performed prior to breeding. This collected semen undergoes to evaluate or assess the motility (movement), concentration (number of sperm/unit volume of semen), and morphology (appearance) of sperm cells. Moreover, it highlights bacteria or any other cells (if present in semen).


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See Advantages of Dog Semen Analysis

The all-in-one benefit of dog semen analysis is assessing fertility in young male dogs before breeding or impregnating the female dogs. But the key factors that come into consideration are; the evaluation of libido and the ejaculatory process, assessment of semen volume, motility (both total and progressive), sperm count, and a stained morphology (normal individual sperm cells).

Thus, the overall evaluation and assessment clearly mention the dog’s fertility conditions and whether they have the potential to breed or not. And how to prepare them for breeding.
Dog Semen Analysis at K9 Clinic in London

Stages that Need to Pass

There are basically TWO stages in dog semen analysis, the first is collection, and the second one is evaluation. Although both stages are a little bit tricky, how this process is performed at K9 Clinics details are given below;

How We Collect Semen

We take a cup or tube fitted with a funnel and hold it over the tip of the dog’s penis. Thus, we collect the ejaculate in the tube. Some breeders also use a plastic bag (e.g., a zip lock baggie) held over the penis to collect semen.
At times, collecting semen is not the same if the dog does not have a high libido. In this scenario, we recommend having a bitch in front of a dog to stimulate him. Then it’s likely to have a huge collection of ejaculate.

Generally, semen has THREE fractions, and all of them should be collected for the best results. The first fraction, or pre-sperm fraction, is likely to be clear and ranges from 0.1-1.0 ml; the second fraction, or sperm-rich fraction, is likely to be cloudy and ranges from 0.1-6.0 ml; and the third one is the prostatic fluid and ranges from 1.0-20.0 ml.

How We Analyse Sperms

In analysing semen, we have to evaluate sperm kinetics and morphology. For this, it’s highly recommended to stain the sperm. This makes the evaluation process more easy and efficient at very high magnification. However, special microscopes can be used with unstained but dead sperm (phase contrast or differential interference contrast).
Staining the Sperms

By the way, there are various stains used in clarifying the slide’s media. But for evaluating sperms, two stains are more common; Eosin‐ Nigrosin and Wright‐Giemsa. At K9 Clinics, we mainly prefer Eosin‐ Nigrosin due to its high vitality.

Sperm that are alive when this stain is mixed will allow no stain to diffuse across their membranes, so they appear white under the microscope; while sperm that are dead when the stain is mixed will allow a pink dye to cross the cell membrane, so they appear pink under the microscope.

How We Analyse Sperms

Timing may vary according to the dog’s stimulation or need to breed. However, it can be done anytime after seven months, in which we determine whether he is ready to stud or not. One important note is that once the semen is collected, it should be evaluated within an hour because agglutination affects sperm mobility and concentration.

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