Dog Sperm Count Test in London

Low dog sperm count, along with poor motility or abnormal morphology of the spermatozoa, highlights male infertility. It can affect a dog’s ability to breed either naturally or via artificial insemination. Therefore, semen analysis is mandatory before breeding to evaluate whether a dog is potentially stud or not. If you are doubtful about your dog’s current situation, you can get leverage from K9 Clinics and let your dog’s sperm count keenly.

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Stud dogs have several factors that immensely contribute to their potency, especially sperm count, both in natural and fresh chilled, frozen semen breedings. A low amount means your dog is not capable of expanding his gene pool by breeding and vice versa. If you are concerned with the non-specific amount of sperm in your dogs. So, you must seek professional assistance for quantifying Progressive Motile Sperm Cells or PMSCs.


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How Can Dogs Withstand With Breeding By Dog Sperm Count

Quality, as well as quantity are both important for dogs with respect to sperm cells. If you have a dog but are out of enough sperm count, he may not be viable for breeding. But it can’t be said that it’s the major factor of fertility issues because there may be a sperm production problem, low libido, or stud dogs may find discomfort while releasing semen. Regardless of any issue, clear your concern first by proper sperm count.

Research indicates that there is a direct relationship between sperm production by the testes and testicular size. Moreover, it is also reported that there is a relationship between sperm count and body weight. Generally, it’s assumed that larger dogs have a higher sperm count than smaller ones. But it may be true in good and normal body conditions. Because in obese animals, testicular size doesn’t increase, and the dog sperm counts vary among similar size breeds.

Dog Sperm Count Test at K9 Clinics in London

How We Analyse Sperm

To determine the amount of actually viable sperm in an ejaculate, we take a semen sample of the stud dog, then count the sperm, subtract the percentage of abnormal sperm and multiply by the percentage of forwardly motile sperm. Thus, we get a viable amount of fruitful sperms (have breeding potential).

Average Dog Sperm Count

According to research, normal dog semen ranges in volume from 1 to 30 mL per ejaculation. It contains 300 million to 2 billion sperm cells, more than 70% of which are progressively motile and morphologically normal. It suggests a normal dog should have a minimum of 210 million PMSCs/ml.

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