Dog Ultra Scan in London

Unlike other testing procedures while breeding, the dog ultra scan is completely pain-free. And the great aspect is that there’s no risk associated with ultra-scanning for the mother or the puppies she is carrying. The reason is it’s completely non-invasive. This scanning can be carried out from day 28 after the last mating or insemination process. But the senior vets at K9 Clinics analyse the progress of the bitch’s pregnancy around day 32 to 35 to get optimum results.

Get the Overview (Dog Ultra Scan)

Through ultrasound examination or ultrasonography, the internal body structures can be seen by recording echoes or reflections of ultrasonic waves. Being a non-invasive imaging technique, dog ultra scan makes pregnant bitches easy to pass this testing phase.

Moreover, ultrasound waves are considered to be safer than X-rays. Because the overall ultrasound equipment directs a narrow beam of high-frequency sound waves into the area of interest. The sound waves may be transmitted through, reflected, or absorbed by the tissues they encounter.


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The Key Benefits of Dog Ultra Scan

There are several advantages associated with the ultrasonography of female dogs. Such as;
Dog Ultra Scan Test at K9 Clinics in London

Stages of Dog Ultra Scan

At K9 Clinics, we do an abdominal ultrasound of pregnant female dogs. For this, we lay bitches on their backs in a soft padded trough. While scanning, they are gently restrained with the probe via the support of our caring vet staff. Moreover, we recommend clipping their fur for ease in scanning.
In order to scan bitch’s belly, we make sure to use fully sterilised or autoclaved equipment. We put specific ultrasound gel on the dog and then scanned underneath at the belly or lower her stomach. Once the abdominal region is scanned with satisfaction, we clean the gel on the dog’s body and again sterilise the equipment.

When is Ultra Scanning Necessary?

Generally, it depends on when the dog owners want to ultra-scan their dogs. Well! It’s possible to confirm pregnancy after 20 to 22 days of breeding. But it can be missed with no issue. However, the most recommended time is to do an ultrasound on the 30th day after breeding to confirm pregnancy. We suggest the 33rd day as well as the 47th day after breeding for this scanning to get more precise results.

Our Expert Team

The expert veterinary practitioners of K9 Clinics are licensed to do dog ultra-scanning.

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