Dog Whelping

Dog whelping service is essential, particularly for new breeders whose dogs are ready to give birth. Like humans, some complications may sometimes occur in dogs’ birth process as well. To handle such critical situations, highly experienced breeders and veterinarians of K9 Clinics are on the line for whelping your bitches who have completed their gestation period.

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Whelping refers to the process of giving birth to a puppy (or puppies). For this, it’s mandatory for breeders to know the mating or ovulation date of the dogs. In canines, pregnancy does long for 63 days on average. However, this figure may vary as per the litter size. So, as the breeders watch the labour signs in bitches, they’ve to bear in mind that whelping can be happened within a few days or even before the due date.


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Advantages of Dog Whelping Service

Whether you are a new breeder or have some experience in dog breeding, you must understand that the dog’s birth time is crucial. Lack of knowledge or expertise may cause unfavourable consequences at times. So, always ensure to get assistance from professional vets or breeders, as K9 Clinics offers to you.
Some key factors are mentioned here that let you know why professional dog whelping service acts as a blessing in disguise.
Dog Whelping at K9 Clinics in London


Professionals with sound knowledge and top-notch field experience in dog breeding are highly confident in dealing with whelping. They are highly skilled and well-trained to recognise and address all the potential complications that may arise during this process. Thus, they ensure successful delivery and healthy puppies.


There are numerous tools and equipment that are essential for assisting in the whelping process, including whelping boxes, heating pads, medical equipment, etc. The great thing is that whelping services are genuinely equipped with all of these tools and medical equipment.

Moreover, these tools are sterilised to save bitch and newborns from infection. Such practices ensure a safe and comfy room for the mother dog and her puppies while the delivery process.


The process of whelping can be more time-taking for inexperienced or new dog owners. For being a helping hand, whelping service providers can take the responsibility of whelping on their own. Thus, dog owners can save time and keep focused on other responsibilities with no hassle of safe delivery.

Reduced Stress

For inexperienced dog owners or breeders, whelping can be a headache and stressful. But the professional handling of highly experienced vets can help reduce their stress and anxiety manifolds. Well! This can be beneficial, especially for those who own dogs for the first time and are not sure what will happen next.

Post-Delivery Care

As the mother dog and newborn puppies need proper care and attention after delivery, professional whelping services often assist with post-delivery care for the dog owners. This can be a must-have for maintaining the sound health of dogs and puppies to thrive in the after days and weeks followed by delivery.

In a nutshell, dog whelping services contribute a lot to making the delivery process easy and successful by providing the utmost peace of mind for dog owners. This is more beneficial for the good health of the mother dog and her litter. Thus, if you consider professional whelping service the best support for dog owners, it would not be wrong to say.

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