Micro Chipping

Have you any concerns about losing your pets? Micro chipping service at K9 Clinics can cater to this situation more efficiently. We implant an integrated circuit under the skin of canines with a specific unique tag that is used for permanent pet identification. Whether your dog is missing or you’re not sure about his exact owner, we can cross-check the tag number in our database and track the owner. So, hug your pups again with this microchipping technique.

Get the Overview

Micro chipping lets you reunite with your lost pets. For this, a microchip implant is used to identify the integrated circuit placed under the dog’s fur. This microchip is actually an inert radio-frequency identification (RFID) device and is about a large grain of rice in size. However, standard dog microchips are typically 11–13 mm long and 2 mm in diameter.
This is also called the PIT tag, which contains a unique tracking number shown on the package barcode label. This tag is enclosed in a scannable biocompatible glass capsule. If a pet is lost, the synched database can track the number and reach the owner or vet.


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Key Benefits of Dog Microchipping

There are a number of boon sides associated with the dog micro chipping technique. See the advantages and wonder!
Micro Chipping Service at K9 Clinics in London

Stages that Need to Pass

By going through the advantages, micro chipping seems somewhat easy, but in actuality, it’s a little bit tricky. We choose the shoulder blades of the dogs for microchip implantation. By using a needle and a special syringe, we implant a microchip under the skin of the blades, just like to get a shot.

In this process, most pets feel little to no pain. However, some canines have more pain receptors and notice it. Then we scan the dogs twice to make them able to locate and scan the ID number securely.

Right Time of Microchipping

According to law, all dogs must be microchipped when they become eight weeks old and after that. Moreover, it’s the responsibility of the breeder to ensure micro chipping of their pets before selling.

Our Expert Team

The expert vets of K9 Clinics are licensed to do micro chipping.

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