Semen Chilling and Shipping

If a stud dog can’t ship to another locality, our semen chilling and shipping service comes in the way. At K9 Clinics, we are available to advise and assist dog breeders with chilled semen export. We are well-adept in collecting, chilling, and dispatching the semen for you. Moreover, if it’s required, we arrange all the official health tests and paperwork for validity.

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In a case when one needs a stud dog’s semen overnight and finds nothing such dogs, then chilled semen performs the best job. The term ‘chilled semen’ means semen is collected and then chilled down by keeping it in the refrigerator at 40° F or using ice packs when it needs to be transported overnight. Although it slows down the semen activity when it tends to warm up inside the bitch, it regains its energy to be functional.


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Perks of Semen Chilling and Shipping

Semen chilling and shipping provide the utmost convenience for breeders. For instance, if they need semen from a stud dog overnight but he is located far away with no convenience of getting semen, then this service is no less than a blessing in disguise.

Moreover, chilled semen can live for several days. So they can be collected and refrigerated for longer storage in case the stud dog is going out of town and the bitch is not yet ready to be bred.
Semen Chilling and Shipping at K9 Clinics in London

Stages of Dog Ultra Scan

For semen chilling and shipping, some specific steps are obligatory to perform. Once the semen is collected and evaluated for quantity, quality, and motility, it’s mixed in a test tube with an extender.

Extender is a solution that contains nutrients, buffers, antibiotics, and cell wall protectants in order to help in preserving sperm quality and integrity while being chilled and shipped. After extending the semen, we check it again and show the clients a sample before shipping so they can see how it looks.

How We Ship Dog Semen

Once the process of chilling semen is done, we properly label the tube with the dog’s name, its owner’s name, dispatching date, breed, tracking number, and then pack it securely in a Styrofoam box containing ice packs. Paperwork for a particular semen sample is placed in the box displaying the semen quantity, extender, and some relevant info.
Thus the receiving vet can get to know the overall details of the sample. Moreover, we must ship the semen overnight so that the recipient will receive the order in the morning. One of our remarkable service features is that our shipment facility works 365 days a year.

Our Expert Team

The professional vets of K9 Clinics are skillful and licensed holders for semen chilling and shipping.
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