Dog Blood Testing in London

Though dog blood testing helps to detect, diagnose, identify, or even treat any disease or illness in canines. But in the case of breeding, it also plays a vital role. The expert vets of K9 Clinics do blood tests to figure out the ovulation and breeding time in dogs and bitches. For this, a particular quantitative progesterone blood test is performed to get validated results. Besides, we perform regular blood testing to keep our eyes on any health issues of your dog.

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We are pro in blood testing for dogs and quantifying authentic results across London. We just get a sample of blood either from the arm or vaginal lining of the dog a few days into the heat. This examination gives a particular reading in moles that helps to indicate the best time for breeding or the best chances of fertilisation.


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Advantages of Dog Blood Testing

If you are planning on breeding from your bitch, then measuring progesterone levels is an easy and reliable way of gauging the optimum time to mate. It will also give you a more accurate assessment of when your dog is likely to whelp than the mating date because we have a good idea of when ovulation has occurred.

Not only this, there are a number of advantages associated with dog blood testing, such as; detecting allergies, parasites, diabetes, liver diseases, kidney failure, pancreatic issues, and more. Thus, veterinary professionals can diagnose all the issues (if they happened) and provide the utmost peace of mind for dog owners on negative results.

Moreover, regular blood testing identifies the amount of glucose, proteins, electrolytes, cholesterol, endocrine levels, and digestive enzymes. Thus, regular blood check gives an assurance of your dog’s health and well-being.
Dog Blood Testing at K9 clinics

Major Blood Test We Perform at K9 Clinics

By the way, there is a long queue of blood testing, what we perform at K9 Clinics, but specific for breeding and diagnosing the general health issues in canines, we perform;

Time for Progesterone Blood Testing

Usually, we perform dog blood testing between the 7 – 12th days after mating, and thus we figure out the best time to breed the bitch.

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