Dog Pregnancy Scanning in London

Are your bitch undergoing a gestation period, and you’re curious to know the progress? Dog pregnancy scanning tells you about this more precisely at K9 Clinics. However, ultrasonography is considered as the most accurate and reliable way to scan dogs. But for this, the right equipment and well-trained professional experts are essential who can perform this job perfectly; what you’ll find here with no hassle.

See the Overview

The dog’s gestation period lasts for approx 63 days. By the way, there are several methods. But the most popular is ultrasound scanning, which figures out each episode throughout pregnancy. Basically, it’s a non-invasive method to detect dog pregnancy in the abdominal region. It involves using high-frequency sound waves to produce an image of the developing fetuses in the uterus.


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Get to Know the Advantages

There are various key advantages associated with dog pregnancy scanning; the major ones include the following;


Pregnancy scanning is a non-invasive procedure that does not require sedation or anaesthesia for the mother, making it a safer and less stressful and painful option compared to other methods of pregnancy detection, like abdominal palpation.

Early Detection

Ultrasound scanning can detect pregnancy as early as 28 days after breeding, allowing for early preparation and care for the mother and the developing fetuses. Thus, it’s a convenient option for breeders to move on accordingly.

Accurate Estimation of Litter Size

At an early stage, it’s highly curious to know how many pups are in the pipeline. This scanning procedure can accurately estimate the number of fetuses present in the uterus, allowing for appropriate preparation for whelping and care of newborn puppies.

Identification of Potential Complications

Pregnancy scanning can identify potential complications such as fetal death, fetal malposition, or uterine infection, allowing for prompt intervention and appropriate management. This is essential to avoid any further risks in the future.

Dog Pregnancy Scanning at K9 clinics in London

The Right Time for Pregnancy Scanning

Usually, dog pregnancy scanning is possible as early as the 20th to 22nd day after breeding. But it’s okay if you missed it earlier. But at day 30 post-breeding, it’s a viable diagnostic tool that confirms whether your bitch is pregnant or not. Moreover, at approx day 40, bone ossification can be clearly detected.

Our Expert Team

The well-trained and professional veterinary staff of K9 Clinics is qualified to scan pregnancy in dogs.

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