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What We Do?

K9 FERTILITY CLINIC offer tested methods to successfully address a range of dog fertility/breeding issues as many people find it hard or complicated to breed dogs. We offer many services such as Ovulation testing, Cytology, Progesterone, Semen testing/Sperm analysis, Artificial Insemination, Dog Semen chilling and receiving, and many more important breeding services.

We understand firsthand that canine reproduction is not always plain sailing. There are several reasons why your attempt at breeding your dog may not result in successful breeding. For example, not knowing exactly when your bitch/female is ovulating and the best time for ovulation, a lack of sperm mobility in the stud dog’s sperm, and a low chance of pregnancy occurring in some breeds. 

At our dog breeding fertility clinic, we offer tried and high probability methods to successfully tackle a range of dog breeding issues, including cytology, ovulation, and progesterone testing to determine the best time for ovulation. This is to find the precise time for artificial Insemination or breeding. In addition, we offer sperm testing for quality and mobility, sperm boosters, artificial Insemination, dog semen chilling and receiving, and many more services.

Canine Fertility Clinic London

How Do We Do This? 

At K9 Fertility Clinic, we do this through various tests, such as ovulation testing, progesterone, cytology, sperm analysis, and ultrasounds. These services help indicate the best timing for an Artificial Insemination or breeding.  

This test includes taking a small blood sample from a swab through the bitches arm or urinal lining. We recommend starting this around day seven after the start of the season when the female starts vulval swelling and bleeding. Moreover, We can obtain results within the hour, and they will indicate what steps are required over the next two to four days, depending on the result (when to retest or when to mate).


We have 14 days for ovulation unless the bitch has had a split season which means it can last up to 28 days because of that factor. Typically, a female will come into season between 6 – 9 months old, but it can start from 4 months until more than two years. However, some breeds, such as the whippet, tend to come into season around 13 months.

Our Team

Dog Fertility clinic, we are qualified and have experts that have been in this trade for many years. We take pride in our services to new and loyal customers; we have always explained step by step what procedures to take and the best strategies for successful breeding.  


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We have various types of equipment such as Microscopes, Progesterone testing, Ultrasounds, microchipping scanning, Sperm analysis, Cytology, and Ovulation testing. No more wondering if you have missed a chance to breed or feeling stressed as your bitch’s due date approaches. This fantastic and reliable machine or microscope will offer informative scientific data and tell you exactly when the bitch’s eggs will be fertile, which is important with all breeding. However, you have a timed period to do the Insemination, especially with fresh, chilled semen and frozen semen.

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